Lamborghini Continues To Quietly Tease The Urus Before The Big Debut

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Put it like this: Urus production is already well underway.

The big day is December 4, just for weeks from now. This is when the highly anticipated Lamborghini Urus SUV will make its official debut. As that date gets closer, Lamborghini has begun a pre-launch tease campaign, although there hasn't been much in the way of teaser images. However, there have been a few Lamborghini-produced videos, such as this latest one featuring its Chief Manufacturing Officer, Ranieri Niccoli.

Standing in front of what appears to be the Urus production line, Niccoli repeats how Lamborghini has doubled the size of its facility in its hometown of Sant'Agata in order to prepare for its second ever SUV. The Urus is also expected to bring in a ton of money from new and existing customers alike.

Lamborghini can't afford to get this one wrong. Urus failure is not an option. And if you look closely at the behind the scenes footage here, you'll notice factory employees assembling the Urus at various stages. How can one tell it's the Urus? Because Huracans and Aventadors don't have four doors. Based on some recent spy videos, it appears the Urus will look awfully similar to the concept that debuted way back in 2012. We'll find out for sure next month.

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