Lamborghini Could Have An Epic Reveal This Week

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Its identity is already known.

The Lamborghini Aventador is near the end of its production lifecycle and, with it, the naturally aspirated V12 engine as we know it. The good news is that the engine type isn't departing from the scene entirely, but it's expected to be electrified to some degree when the Aventador's successor arrives. No turbocharging is expected. And whenever Lamborghini brings to a close the era of one of its V12 flagships, the special editions are released.

Back in March, we reported an Aventador-based Countach homage special edition, similar in fashion to the 2016 Aventador Miura Homage (shown here), is in the pipeline.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

No reveal date was known at the time but The Supercar Blog claims it's learned from unspecified sources a reveal is expected to take place this week on Tuesday, May 18.

Why the Countach this time around? Because the legendary scissor-doored Italian stallion made its debut 50 years ago in concept form at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. The production-spec version entered production in 1974 and remained on sale for the next 16 years. Lamborghini updated it several times along the way as the Countach remained one of the most desirable exotics in the world. As for the expected Countach homage due this week, the updated report claims it may no longer be directly based on the Aventador at all, but rather the Lamborghini Sian, which has Aventador underpinnings.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

It'll supposedly still retain the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 making 785 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque, but will be joined by a mild-hybrid system consisting of a 48-volt electric motor providing an additional 34 hp and 28 lb-ft of twist. Total output: around 807 hp.

Unlike the Aventador Miura Homage, the Countach homage could sport completely unique bodywork heavily inspired by the Countach. An exact production count remains unknown, but it'll definitely be extremely limited. We'd be lucky if 100 examples are planned. Chances are, it'll be closer to 50 (which makes sense, symbolically). Rumor has it the price tag will reach the $3 million mark and Lamborghini should easily sell them all. Be sure to watch this space over the next few days because we get the feeling Lamborghini has something new it wants the world to see.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini
Source Credits: The Supercar Blog

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