Lamborghini Countach Owners Won't Be Happy When They Discover A Better One Is Coming

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The Lamborghini Countach 60 Anniversario is coming for 2023, and this is what it could look like.

Lamborghini is turning 60 next year and the 1963-formed company is celebrating with a 60th Anniversario edition to tempt Lambo buyers. Yes, the magic that Ferruccio Lamborghini launched six decades ago has seen remarkable changes and many V12 special editions for progressive anniversaries like the 25th Anniversary Countach. Yesterday, CarBuzz uncovered the trademark application filed with the EUIPO alerting us to this new model by virtue of its logo.

But this stylized '60' was little more than a horned logo, with no model attached to it. That didn't stop us from doing some digging to uncover what it might be, and we've landed on the concept that it will be the Lamborghini Countach 60 Anniversario. We say this because the Countach's LPI 800-4 designation badging seen below shares the same horns. In a bid to imagine what it could look like, we've crafted the artist's impression below.


In a striking color scheme, the 2023 Lamborghini Countach 60th Anniversario will have all of the same impact as special editions based on the Diablo, Murcielago, or the Aventador. We suspect this special edition will be built in addition to the run of 112 units of the standard Countach, and we think that Lamborghini will equip this with many of the features people accused the new Countach of not having like the massive wing and prominent periscope-style intakes on the rear haunches.

The only question we have is whether such a move will push Lambo Countach buyers to be salty that there is a better version coming? Or, will they simply buy the Countach 60 Anniversario in addition? If you have the means, we think so, as we know a Miami-based hedge fund manager that did the Huracan Performante>Performante Spyder>Huracan STO upgrades in a few short years. Don't be surprised if that happens here with the Countach and sellers will still make bank in the process.


Curiously, and unbeknownst to many, the wing on the Countach wasn't actually a factory option, and the standard Countach and many of its variations never had it. It was purely aesthetic, despite being designed originally as a one-off item for F1 mogul Walter Wolf, and was installed in the parking lot of the factory, since Lamborghini couldn't afford to re-homologate the car with the new aero design. But people remember the wing, and for many, it's an integral aspect of the Countach's identity. For the 60 Anniversario, it could be an ideal bit of extremism to add, which is something the Raging Bull has done on many occasions in the past with its special editions.

But back to the history of Lambo's anniversary models. In the past, Lambo unleashed the 25th Anniversary Countach and then the 30th Anniversary Diablo SE30 JOTA five model years later. Then there was another Diablo-based version in the 35th Anniversary Diablo SV SE35. Thereafter the Murcielago celebrated 40 years and the Aventador 50.


Although the new model will hark back to the 1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary supercar, the performance, tech, and style has certainly advanced lightyears ahead.

In 1988, the Lambo Countach was already aged being that the Bertone/Marcello Gandini-designed chassis had debuted in 1974. Sure the 5.2-liter V12 mid-engine Countach was still enjoying its 80s infamy but it was rapidly fading. The 25th cranked 455 horsepower but with the revised styling of Horacio Pagani posted 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds and hit 183 mph with five-speed and rear wheel drive. The performance was good enough to fend off competitors until Lambo wrapped up production in 1990. By contrast, the LPI 800-4 Countach base is of course AWD and packs a peak hybrid horsepower punch north of 802 hp.

With the same 6.5-liter V12 and seven-speed trans, the Countach 60 Anniversario will be a force, likely with power increases, revised styling, aero, and special graphics.

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