Lamborghini Countach Replica Salutes The Wall Street Protests

The Wall Street protestors let out a collective groan of loathing as this Lamborghini rumbled by them.

As the Wall Street protests rumble on, bankers will be high-fiving each other as news broke that a Lamborghini Countach, albeit a replica, made its way pass the protesters effectively giving them the proverbial middle finger and an insight into how they spend their obscene bonuses. As they fight against greed and opulence, one would suspect that seeing this fake white Countach cruise by the barricaded Wall Street entrance would have ruffled a few of the protesters' feathers.

However this driver seemed oblivious to what's going on around him and was pretty casual as photos were taken of him and his super car. The brashness and ignorance of the guy is sure to add more fuel to the fire as the protestors attempt to take on soceity's elite via their peaceful demonstrations. Photos courtesy of businessinsider.

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