Lamborghini Crashes In China After Running A Red Light

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And the driver is nowhere to be found.

This has not been a good week for Lamborghini owners around the world. Yesterday we reported on a bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo that caught fire in India after being serviced. Only a few days before that we covered an arson attack in which a Lamborghini Aventador was burned to the ground by hooligans in England. Unfortunately this latest mishap involving a Lamborghini is no better. This time disaster struck in China when a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale crashed into a taxi after running a red light.

The driver of the Gallardo was apparently driving under the influence, and both he and a passenger fled the scene immediately after causing the wreck. The Lamborghini had reportedly just arrived in the country and was not even registered or insured. There is no word on the condition of the taxi driver or the occupants of the Gallardo, but both cars involved were damaged extensively.

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