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Lamborghini Day In Japan Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

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Yokohama never looked this awesome.

When it came time to plan the premiere of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in Japan, a small event simply wouldn't cut it. Instead, organizers planned quite something for the day the Nurburgring lap record holder for a production car debuted in the Japanese city of Yokohama. Welcome to Lamborghini Day in Japan where more than 200 Lamborghinis gathered in Yokohama. All hands were on deck as well, including Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali and Italy's ambassador to Japan, Giorgio Starace.

To make the day even more incredible, Lamborghini invited more than 200 owners to participate in a drive that would take them through and around the city center. Lamborghini enthusiasts and citizens alike were treated to the visual treat as well as the sound of dozens of aspirated engines. Vehicles included the Miura, Countach, LM002, Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo and the current lineup consisting of the Huracan, Aventador and twin-turbo V8 Urus.

Following the epic city drive, Lamborghini threw a big party for everyone, which also included a charity auction that helped raise funds for victims of natural disasters in Osaka, Hokkaido, and other parts of Japan that were recently hit hard. All proceeds went directly to the Japan Red Cross.

"Japan is a very important market for us. I would like to reinforce our gratitude to the long-time patronage of our Japanese customers who have built such strong bonds with the marque," said Domenicali. "We stay very much in touch with our customers here, and look forward to building on the marque's strength with the Japanese market introduction of our new Super SUV Urus, which brings an even broader audience into the brand."

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Earlier this year, Lamborghini opened a new showroom in Sendai, bringing the total number of Japanese dealerships to nine. We don't know how many Aventador SVJs have been allocated for the Japanese market, but we know a total of 900 units in total will be built beginning in early 2019.