Lamborghini Delivers First Centenario To US In Gorgeous Blue Nethuns Spec

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Try not to turn green with envy.

It's a good thing that a car as rare as the Lamborghini Centenario, which will only see a total of 40 units ever be produced-20 roadsters and 20 coupes-will be making a celebrity appearance in the latest Transformers movie. The other 39 of them will be shipped to customer vaults in the near future, and the first one to make landfall in America has come to shore via Lamborghini of Newport Beach in Costa Mesa, California. This lucky owner took delivery of one unique-looking Centenario coupe and thankfully, documented the experience.


Lucky for us, this one is outfitted with a color scheme unlike any we've seen before. A bare carbon fiber body cloaks the Huracan bones that lie underneath and remains the unifying color on the car. Unlike the yellow accents we saw on the Centenario that debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, this one has been carefully trimmed with a lovely shade of Blue Nethuns. The color composition is simply stunning, but we're more infatuated with the 6.5-liter in its midsection, effectively making the Centenario the only Huracan with a V12 to make it to market. Sadly, all 40 units have already been claimed, but we can at least use this example to stoke our imaginations.

Customized through Lamborghini's Ad Personas division, the interior was given a similar touch as the body, with black alcantara upholstery complimenting the carbon fiber exterior and blue stitching, embroidery and a blue center console matching the outside accents. Even with so much to look at, the touch we most enjoyed was the fact that the Centenario, valued as high as $2 million (who knows what the buyer actually paid for it), was casually delivered in a wooden crate on the back of a flatbed truck. Like a newborn coming into the world surrounded by a proud family, someone at the dealership was kind enough to record the entire unboxing process.

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We wish the new owner well and can't wait to see how subsequent Centenarios to make landfall have been spec'd. Check out the unboxing video below to experience at least some of this owner's joy.

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