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Lamborghini Delivers More Cars In First Half Of 2018 Than All Of 2013

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And this is before the first batch of Urus SUVs arrive.

To say things are going well at Lamborghini would be an understatement. The Italian supercar company posted figures for the first six months of this year and, lo and behold, there's been an 11 percent increase in customer deliveries compared to the same period in 2017. From January 1 until June 30 of this year, Lamborghini delivered 2,327 cars to customers globally with Europe the leading continent thanks in part to especially high gains in the UK and Italy.

To give you an idea just how good 2018 has been so far, that vehicle delivery figure surpasses the full year sales numbers from only five years ago. And here's another kicker: the all-new Urus is not included here. Urus deliveries are only getting underway this month, so expect the end of year sales figures to increase even further. So which specific Lamborghinis helped lead the way for a stellar 2018 so far? The "base" level RWD Huracan? Close, but not quite. The Huracan lineup in general is selling extremely well, especially the hardcore Huracan Performante. All told, a total of 1,604 Huracan road cars and race cars have reached their owners this year, compared to 1,400 last year at this time.

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Overall Aventador deliveries reached 673 units so far. Which market is Lamborghini's best? That would be the United States, as it has been for years. The second place market finisher is Japan, followed by the UK. However, Europe as a whole saw an increase of over 30 percent, specifically Italy, the UK and Austria. The Urus is expected to make up a good chunk of Lamborghini's annual sales, so it'll be interesting to see the numbers six months and a year from now.