Lamborghini Design Chief Admits All-Electric Supercar Is Still Years Away


But make no mistake about it, the Terzo Millenio design concept is the future.

Last week’s reveal of the Lamborghini Terzo Millenio design and tech concept certainly brought plenty of attention to the automaker. No, the concept doesn’t directly preview the Aventador’s successor, due in 2020, though it is the first concept styled by recently installed design chief Mitja Borkert. This is his vision of what the Lamborghini supercar will look like in three or four generations from now. Think of it as the Aventador’s grand or even great grandson. Despite those pretty insane lines, the Terzo Millenio is also a technology showcase.

Things like “self-healing” carbon fiber don’t exist, at least in production, just yet, but they will. One day. Developed in conjunction with two MIT laboratories, the Terzo Millenio is also an electric supercar of sorts, with four electric motors, or one at each wheel.

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Even in this just released video showing the concept’s debut, Borkert admitted the technology still isn’t quite where it needs to be for production. But as we’ve been witnessing from the likes of Tesla, things are moving fast. So let’s say something like the Terzo Millenio is maybe 15 years out, given the rapid pace of the necessary technologies. Is this concept something we could learn to live with and accept as a proper Lamborghini? That’s the big question that doesn’t have an answer yet, but we’re hopeful.