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Lamborghini Diablo GT-R Up For Sale

Before it was bought by Volkswagen, there was a time when the future of Lamborghini was in no way secure. Even though this was this period during which they built the Diablo, the car still proved to be fantastic. In 2000, they built 30 super-hardcore GT-R versions of the Diablo, and at the time it was the world's fastest production car (since the McLaren F1 was no longer in production). One of these recently surfaced for sale.

The color you see here is not original, as Lamborghini painted all of the GT-R's yellow at the factory. This example also has a racing history, but don't expect these things to drop the value into the affordable range. The car's owner is in Japan, but the car has been traveling around the world, and the sale is being handled by Symbolic Motorcars. No price has been set, but you know the saying, if you have to ask...

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