Lamborghini Displays 350 GT With Nearly 2,000 Hours Of Restoration


1,930 hours to be exact, but who's counting?

It was the first production car ever built by Lamborghini, before the Miura and Countach. The 350 GT was Ferrucio Lamborghini's direct response to Enzo Ferrari following a poor experience with one of his cars. Lamborghini believed he could build a better grand tourer than Ferrari, and the 350 GT was the result. What you're looking at is a fully restored 350 GT, chassis number 0121, one of the first fifteen examples built beginning in 1964.

The restoration itself was completed last October, but now Lamborghini is putting the completed car on display at the 2017 Retromobile Show in Paris. Lamborghini's own PoloStorico restoration division did all of the work, of which the bodywork and interior required 1,150 man hours, plus an additional 780 for checking all mechanical and electrical functions, specifically the cooling system for the 3.5-liter V12 engine. The end result is a car that's been returned to its original condition. PoloStorico previously restored a Miura and Countach, but this GT 350 is equally stunning. The black leather interior was refurbished using the classic procedures of the era, and the wood steering wheel and original accelerator, clutch, and brake pedals were also restored.

Even the radio is original and still works. It was also given a fresh coat of exterior paint, again with the same techniques and formula from 1964. The original rims were restored from the original supplier and the Pirelli tires are also period correct. If you happen to be in Paris, definitely find the time to check out this Italian grand touring icon in the flesh.

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