Lamborghini Doesn't Wanna be Darth Vader Anymore

Huracan and Urus will be first Skywalker models.

Lamborghini feels your pain. You've worked so hard, saved those pennies, and finally want to bring home a brand-new Lambo.But the wife says, “no way.” The company feels that many potential buyers aredeterred by the company’s badass image and designs. Which, as former COOMichael Lock recently told Digital Trends, is why Lamborghini wants to become “lessDarth Vader and more Luke Skywalker.” It plans do just that with its new, tamerdesign language.

Like the new Huracan, Lamborghini’s next modelswill be less monsterish, scandelous and villainous and more streamlined, acceptable and delicate. Alsoadding to their wife approval-rating will be the new family-friendly Urus SUV,which buyers will be able to justify as a legitimate daddy-mobile. Even so, theHuracan and Urus are expected to be 100-percent Lambo underneath their externalfinesse, and will still be able to deliver Vader-like numbers with a LukeSkywalker-worthy halo.

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