Lamborghini And Ducati Create Superbike, Ford Teases Mustang GT Performance, Buick Forcing Dealers To Go Electric: Cold Start

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Your morning roundup covers these stories and more: Aston Martin finally upgrades infotainment, and Nissan explores IRA.

Good morning, and welcome to the start of a short work week. Since yesterday's Cold Start report, we've looked back on the weekend's captivating Dutch Grand Prix and seen how the championship leader is so far ahead that he doesn't even have to score on the podium for the rest of the season to win. We've also seen a super rare Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta meet its end after colliding with a Ford Fiesta and discussed how crustaceans could provide an alternative to lithium batteries.

But this morning, our focus lies with a new Ducati superbike based on the Lamborghini Huracan STO, Nissan's search for loopholes in the Inflation Reduction Act, and Ford's most recent seventh-gen Mustang teaser. We're also going to talk about how Buick dealers will be forced to make the change to EVs before seeing how Aston Martin will finally bring its infotainment system up to date with modern tech. Without any further delay, let's crack on.


Ducati Creates Panigale V4 Superbike To Match Huracan STO

Superbikes aren't really in our wheelhouse here at CarBuzz, but the recently revealed Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini is deserving of our attention. With styling and a unique color scheme inspired by those of the Lamborghini Huracan STO, not to mention the same sort of carbon fiber construction, this is a truly noteworthy special edition. Just 630 will be made in the STO's Verde Citrea/Arancio Dac color scheme, with another 63 to be produced exclusively for those who own an STO. Each of these 63 elite buyers will be able to customize the superbike to match their specific STO's configuration, and you can even have a full outfit to match too, complete with leathers, jacket, and helmet.

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Buick Dealers Told To Sell EVs Or Else

Like so many other automakers, Buick hopes the electric revolution will kickstart a revival for its brand. GM's less-loved luxury brand still exists despite the success of Cadillac and will aim to survive even longer by introducing its first EV in 2024. This and all subsequent EVs will look and feel super luxurious and will carry the Electra name. Exciting, right? Well, some dealers have said that preparing their stores for EVs could cost as much as $300,000. Buick, on the other hand, has said that those who do not wish to sell Buick EVs can't sell Buick at all. This is obvious since the brand will eventually be all-electric, but until then, dealers that wish to opt out will be offered a buyout package by Buick.

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Aston Martin Finally Ready To Improve Infotainment

If you've driven an Aston Martin - any Aston Martin - from the last 30 years, the one big oversight that they all have in common is a horrible infotainment system. Sure, it has upgraded the system over the years, but it tends to do so with borrowed tech that is already dated. That's finally changing as the Gaydon-based automaker is in the process of developing its own system that won't be based on a Mercedes system as in past Aston offerings. The work has already begun, and Aston is off to a good start by saying that physical buttons for some functions will live on, and the screen won't be oversized. Fingers crossed that the brand gets it right.

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2021-2023 Aston Martin DBX Infotainment System Aston Martin

Ford Teases New Mustang GT Performance

As Ford gets ready to unveil the seventh-generation Mustang, internally known as S650, the automaker has been teasing the new pony car frequently. The most recent is a short clip that shows the trunk closing and the camera focused on the center of the closed lid. Here, we see that the section between the taillights will now be body-colored and the GT badge will be revised. But if you look closer still, you'll notice that the badge has the word 'Performance' engraved upon it. The Performance Package is currently an add-on for the Mustang with Brembo brakes, new suspension, a performance rear wing, unique chassis tuning, and a proper Torsen differential. Will the Mustang GT Performance now be a standalone model instead of an available package? We'll find out when the car is revealed next Wednesday.

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Ford Mustang/Facebook

Nissan Won't Rush Into US EV Investment

Foreign automakers everywhere are scrambling to erect manufacturing facilities on North American soil. This is in response to the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act, which states that, for a manufacturer's product to qualify for EV tax credits, the vehicle must be at least partially assembled in North America (USA, Canada, or Mexico). Honda and many others have decided to take the investment plunge, but Nissan wants to take its time. The automaker is reportedly poring over each of the 725 pages of the act to see exactly how it can make the most of this new law, and it needs to. The Nissan Leaf currently qualifies for the new credits but is due for the scrapyard in the sky, and Nissan needs to introduce more products to the US. We'll report on developments as they happen, but don't expect to see Nissan looking for local construction companies for a while yet.

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2021-2023 Aston Martin DBX Infotainment System

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