Lamborghini Gallardo Burns Up in Malaysia

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A Lamborghini burnt to the ground in Malaysia. Every time a Gallardo dies, an Italian heart breaks.

Warming up a Lamborghini usually entails hitting the track for a few laps, giving the car some good running and hitting a decent speed to get the engine back to feeling its peak performance. It could even include driving on some fairly empty roads at legal speed limits, unless you are a rapscallion and decide to gun it even more. At no point should your expensive Italian supercar catch aflame. This is a story of the latter and it comes from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

The sixth most visited city in the world includes some very rich folk who like to dabble in luxury automobiles. The 31-year-old businessman who owns this particular Lamborghini Gallardo took out his supercar early in the morning and after getting his engine revved up, it apparently burst into flames around the Buki Damansara area. "I was driving up a slope when I noticed smoke coming out of the engine. I had the car for three years and it was heartbreaking to see it go up in flames," said the car owner, who wants to maintain his anonymity.

The man suspects a fuel leak was the reason behind his terrible loss. Due to its carbon-fiber composite build, the car burnt very quickly. Local firemen arrived on the scene shortly after and were only able to save the front-end. Police are still investigating the fire and no official announcement has been made on what exactly caused the Gallardo to catch fire.

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