Lamborghini Gallardo Camo-Fail by Cam-Shaft

Cam-Shaft shows that sometimes its better to leave a supercar alone.

Cam-Shaft Premium Wrapping has done some great work in the past on the Ferrari 458 Italia, however this is one Italian supercar that regrets ever being man-handled by the German tuning company. The Lamborghini Gallardo seen in these photos is a first-generation model currently owned by Gemballa chief Steffen Korbach. Korbach ran this very car in the Gumball 3000 race last year. The Koi camouflage wrapping used by Cam-Shaft covers the entire car.

The rims were also finished in white, however in these photos you still see the old black set. LED daytime running lights were affixed to the headlights. Take a look at the Lamborghini Gallardo Koi Camouflage edition and let us know if the strange camo-wrap works for you any more than it works for us.

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