Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior Fail

The ATS Automotive Galaxy Warriror brings out the worst in the Lamborghini Gallardo. It looks more suited for a kids toy than something you would put in your garage.

The body kit fitted to the Lamborghini Gallardo is... well, more big and clumsy than big and bold. Titled the "Galaxy Warrior", it looks more like a VW Squareback than the slick speedster it really is. If you prefer a more recent reference, then just imagine a bulky bottle of Grey Poupon. The mustard yellow exterior and black rim/interior give it the right concentration to make the analogy a reality.

Straight out of Urbach, German tuner ATS Automotive gave the Galaxy Warrior a full aero kit, complete with side skirts, aftermarket rear wing, new rear bumper and vents all over the back. The only thing that looks particularly great on the aero kit is the imitation Reventon front bumper. New alloy wheels are decked out in the car's exterior color and a twin pipe stainless steel silencer exhaust system gives the package a toy car look. The fiberglass add-ons make you wish it was still in a package. vThe Galaxy Warrior Lamborghini Gallardo package is priced at €11,200 and available via eBay. Photos courtesy of ATS Automotive.

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