Lamborghini Gallardo is More than the Sum of its Parts

Can't keep track of all the Gallardo versions out there? We know how you feel, but there's more to these Lambos than meets the eye.

A company as small as Lamborghini doesn't have a lot of products to push. Basically, it has two model lines (Gallardo and Aventador) with a third (called Urus) still waiting for approval. But when Lambo debuts a new model, it goes big. The Italian automaker started a tidal wave of new models at the Paris show, with a new Gallardo LP560-4 debuting alongside Edizione Tecnica Superleggera and Spyder Performate. The LP560-4 Spyder soon followed, joined by a new Super Trofeo - all within a matter of weeks.

Each model is distinguished from the others by a Mr. Potato Head-like variety of components, interchanging drivetrains, roofs, spoilers and engines to differentiate one from another. Lamborghini, however, wants you to know that its Gallardo is more than the sum of its parts. See for yourself in the brief promo video below.

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