Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Will Feature Revolutionary Design

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Lamborghini hope that follow-up to Gallardo will be another smash hit.

With 12,000 models sold in the ten years since it first hit production, the Gallardo has been a huge hit for Lamborghini. Its successor, therefore, has some pretty big boots to fill. Speaking with Car and Driver, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelman said that: "We always say that design is not an evolution but a revolution, and this will be the philosophy of the follow-up to the Gallardo." According to certain camps, the 'entry-level' model is set to be unveiled next year as the Cabrera.

The Lambo will ride on VW Group's modular sports car architecture (MSS) that will underpin the next-generation Audi R8 and future Porsches. The current V10 will likely be retained but refined to produce close to 600hp, and be mated to a dual-clutch automatic transmission. As for the design, Winkelmann said "What we have done for Aventador is not necessarily the right thing to do for a different car." So the flagship's carbon-fiber-intensive construction is unlikely to be adopted to keep prices relatively low. But it could take on some of its menacing angularity.

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We're thinking this angularity could even be partially inspired by the Sesto Elemento concept that was revealed at the 2011 Paris Auto Show. The Gallardo replacement and the next R8 will also share 15-20 percent more parts than the current cars according to Stephen Rail, head of development at Audi's Quattro performance subsidiary.