Lamborghini Gallardo Takes $200k Bite out of the Curb

Losing control of a supercar can result in expensive consequences.

Handling a supercar can be a challenge. Just ask the owner of this sorry-looking Lamborghini Gallardo. Although not one of the hardest high-performance cars to drive in the world, it’s still a completely different proposition to say, a Prius. And if you lose control, repair bills are also going to be in a different league. This particular mishap took place in Fuzhou, China, in the early hours when the driver lost control resulting in the Raging Bull taking a big bite out of the curb.

Totaling the wheels and front end, the momentary lapse of concentration is estimated to cost the driver a measly $200,000. Before heading out again the driver is advised to watch the Libyan lad hoon a Ferrari. This is how you pilot a supercar. Hat tip to Shaobin Guo!

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