Lamborghini Grand Tour Starts in Milan

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Epic procession of 350 Lamborghinis stretching four kilometers long kicks off a three-day journey across Italy.

At 10 a.m. local time, a cavalcade of 350 Lamborghinis set off from Piazza Castello in Milan to celebrate the Raging Bull's 50th anniversary. The gathering is made up of 320 participating Lambos and another 30 cars from the factory, lining up in a procession four kilometers long. The Lamborghini Grand Tour includes three 350 GTs, five 400 GTs, 17 Miuras, 8 Espadas, 2 Jaramas, 6 Urracos, 15 Countachs, 21 Diablos, 36 Murcielagos, an untold number of Aventadors and an LM002, rounded out by a staggering 123 Gallardos.

The epic road trip starts at Milan's Sfozesco Castle, heading next to Bobbio, then Forte dei Marmi, Rome and Bologna, where the Concordso di Eleganza Lamborghini 50° Anniversario will be held before concluding at the factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese and after visiting numerous small towns along the way. Among the numerous countries represented are the UK (with 71 cars), Italy, Germany and Switzerland (with 30 cars each), the United States (21) and China (17). Other European countries represented include Austria, BeNeLux, France, Monaco, Norway, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Participants even shipped their cars from locations as far away as Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia and Ukraine. Shmee150 is tagging along for the tour, and will have regular updates along the way, starting with the starting grid below.

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