Lamborghini Had To Make A Crucial Change To Its Factory For The Urus

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For an SUV that will sell for more than $200,000? Worth it.

By every prediction, and assuming the world doesn't find itself in the pits of another recession by 2018, the Lamborghini Urus SUV will make a killing for its rapidly expanding automaker. As it did with Porsche and Bentley, a Volkswagen ownership seems to have touched off a flurry of activity that will end in huge profits raked in by building highly appealing vehicles for the 1% and making more of them than previous production caps allowed. For Lamborghini to pull off that move, it's going to need one hell of a factory.

The company has chosen to announce that it will be expanding its existing Sant'Agata Bolognese facility by building a paint booth to account for the increased strain in the production line due to the Urus. That building is set to measure 10,000 square meters, which will bring the factory's total footprint to 160,000 square meters. Along with the building and paint equipment inside, Lamborghini will hire 200 high skilled workers to handle the facility's operations when it's at full production capacity, adding to the 500 jobs created by the Urus. These efforts will help Lamborghini breech new barriers in the same way the Bentayga did for Bentley.

The Bentayga has been a boon to Bentley, bolstering sales for the British automaker thanks to its first place stake in the niche segment, and Lamborghini seems poised to do the same with its own sporty take on the luxury SUV. After selling a record 3,245 supercars to welcoming owners in 2015 and then going on to sell two extra cars to break that record in 2016, Lamborghini is hoping that the Urus will become its best-selling model. Lamborghini has estimated that it could even sell 3,000 units a year once it's on sale around the world. "We are very pleased with this result, which represents another step on our path of strategic expansion," said Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali in a statement.

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He added, "Thanks to the support and faith of our shareholder AUDI AG, a decision was taken that most effectively safeguards our know-how, job growth in the territory, and brand identity," For the US, the process Domenicali outlines will begin sometime in the third quarter of 2018 when the Urus makes landfall, so if Lamborghini's growth, having a high power lux SUV in the driveway, and spending hundreds of thousands own four-wheeled bragging rights is important to you, the wait will be up in about a year.

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