Lamborghini Has Always Done the Best and Wildest Concepts

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"When people ask me nowadays to describe my ideal car, I still answer with one word: Miura." - Ferruccio Lamborghini

There are concept cars and there are supercar concepts. Lamborghini, obviously, has only done the latter. And it has done so brilliantly for decades. The Italian supercar builder's first concept appeared back in 1963. The 350 GTV had a fastback body, lots of glass, and all glamour. It was marvelous then and still is today. And yes, it was a design exercise that heavily previewed the 350 GT, Lamborghini's first production car.

With the help of famous Italian design houses like Bertone and ItalDesign, Lamborghini concepts have always been over the top and extravagant. They're meant to grab your attention away from any other car in the vicinity. Even today Lamborghini concepts like the Egoista still have that shock and awe persona. Check out the gallery we put together showcasing Lamborghini's greatest and most wild concepts through the decades.

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