Lamborghini Has Big Changes In Mind For The Urus

All of your Lamborghini nightmares come true at once.

The questions surrounding Lamborghini as of late haven't so much been about where the company is headed, but rather when. We know that an SUV is coming, we know that engine downsizing, turbocharging and possibly hybridization is all coming, we just don't know when. Well, according to a Road & Track interview with Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, we might see all or at least a couple of debuts at once, with the upcoming SUV possibly being turbocharged and/or a hybrid.

Winklemann didn't go too into detail about this specific aspect of the vehicle, as you may have surmised by our not knowing whether it will be turbocharged or a hybrid. But he did talk a bit more about the plans for it, reminding us that Lamborghini has built an SUV before. But this won't be like the LM002 of the Eighties, that was built to be a military vehicle, and this will be focused much more on luxury. It will also have quite a bit of power, we assume, but then so did the LM002. He also hinted at a price point near that of the Huracan, which is good to know.

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