Lamborghini Has Big Plans Before The Huracan Bows Out

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Lambo's chief technical officer may have revealed too much.

We were under the impression that the Lamborghini Huracan STO was the final hurrah for the Italian manufacturer's most successful supercar to date. Only recently, we discovered a rumor suggesting its successor would debut in March next year. It seems Lambo is not done with it yet, however.

Lamborghini is set to introduce more limited-edition models, according to Drive Australia. In an interview with the media, Lambo's chief technical officer hinted at a different kind of Huracan in the future. "We are full of ideas, and we will never give up to see what the potential this fantastic base of the Huracan - with the V10 naturally-aspirated, and a chassis that is one of the best in terms of performance can have in the future", said Maurizio Reggiani. "This is a question mark that I leave to you, but I think we will see soon something different."

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We also know that Lamborghini recently filed trademarks for the names Sterrato and Tecnica. It's doubtful these are the names chosen for the Huracan successor, as Lamborghini puts a bit more effort into car names. Most of their vehicles are named after bulls. The Huracan was named after a Spanish fighting bull that lived in 1879.

Roughly translated, Sterrato means "dirt road," and "Tecnica" means technique. The most likely candidate is the Sterrato because it exists already.

In 2019, Lamborghini introduced the Sterrato; a 640-horsepower lifted Huracan for gravel travel. Lamborghini played around with the AWD system, making it more rear-biased. Lambo also added skid plates, protection for the air intakes, and chunky off-road tires.


Why? Well, why not? Have you ever heard Lamborghini described as "sensible?" Even its supposed family car, the Urus, is available in vivid orange.

Lamborghini didn't beat around the bush with the marketing. It was pretty clear that the Huracan Sterrato was built to pull silly, slidey stunts on a gravel road. Some cars exist because life is too short not to have a 640-hp supercar built for sliding around on gravel. Or a truck that can jump over stuff. For reference, see the Ariel Nomad and the Ram 1500 TRX.

It would be an excellent addition to the range. With the STO, Lamborghini built the ultimate track-ready Huracan. The Sterrato will sit at the other end of the spectrum, which would be a Lamborghini made purely for fun and not to break track records.

Source Credits: Drive Australia

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