Lamborghini Has Just Guaranteed Its Cars Will Forever Sound Amazing


Would you seriously expect anything less?

It’s impossible to forget the sound of a Lamborghini. The V10 or V12 bark is just one of many signature trademarks the Italian supercar company has long been known to do. We’re not at all complaining, but we were a bit concerned not long ago as we watched a prototype of the upcoming Urus SUV go way too quietly by on the Nurburgring. Could switching to a twin-turbo V8 really be that bad? Turns out everything should be just fine.

Lamborghini has just announced that, in addition to expanding the size of its Sant’Agata Bolognese production facility to make room for the Urus, it’s also built a new room. This isn’t just some sort of VIP lounge or anything. No, it’s an acoustic test room. It’s important enough for CEO Stefano Domenicali and other high-ranking board members to be present for its inauguration last week. This acoustic test room, according to Lamborghini, "has been realized according to the latest technical standards, allows adjustments of particular sound sensations in order to create the typical Lamborghini driving experience, involving all the senses."

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The testing room also "supports the acoustic adjustment of lightweight construction components." Whether or not those V10s and V12s will be around forever remains uncertain, but at least all future Lamborghini’s will still make our ears and senses very happy.