Lamborghini: Here's What To Expect In The Near Future


A production-spec Asterion, perhaps?

The world of automotive transportation is changing rapidly, notably with the rise of EVs and other zero-emissions vehicles. These new technologies call into question the future of brands like Lamborghini, a brand whose entire lineup relies solely upon naturally aspirated supercars. Speaking to AutoGuide, recently installed CEO Stefano Domenicali openly discussed topics such as autonomous vehicles, electrification and hybrids, and even the possibility of a four-seat model.

Regarding autonomous cars, Domenicali didn’t hesitate to say he’s impressed with the technology, but it’s mainly for mobility purposes. Driving a Lamborghini is not about daily mobility. It’s about passion. "You can’t spend your whole life sitting in a vehicle that will do everything for you." He also mentioned that Lamborghini owners have many other cars, so they’ll be able to experience this technology with something else. Alternative powertrains? That’s another story. "That is the future. We cannot think that...electrification, hybrids and fuel cells will not hit the super sports car segment. It will. It’s a matter of time." For now, he doesn’t see how these powertrains will benefit Lamborghinis, but one day they surely will.

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So what about the four-seat Asterion concept first shown at Paris almost two years ago? "In a perfect world, we could see four models for the Lamborghini portfolio, but that is not the case today because of the amount of investment we would have to put on the table." The focus instead is on the upcoming Urus SUV.