Lamborghini Huracan And Ferrari 458 Italia Involved In Supercar Smash-Up


This has to be an expensive repair bill.

Here's a sight gearheads may find distressing to view: the wreckage of a Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 458 Italia, two of the most desirable Italian supercars currently available involved in an accident as reported by CTV News. In the hands of an inexperienced driver, these exotics can be tricky to tame at the best of times on the public road, where it's hard to resist the urge to unleash the potent power under the hood. Sadly, accidents like these are a common occurrence.

The accident occurred at the Massey Tunnel in Vancouver when the driver of the 610-horsepower Huracan rear-ended the 562-hp 458 Italia damaging the front end of the Huracan and the rear of the Ferrari. While the damage doesn't look too extensive (though admittedly the Huracan looks to have come off far worse), police said that both cars may be written off. It isn't known exactly what caused the crash, but speed was apparently not a factor for once, but rather inexperience according to police. Both drivers were young men in their 20s – one of which was holding a novice driving license.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the crash and the Lamborghini driver was subsequently charged for following the car in front too closely. This year has claimed the lives of too many supercars for our liking - we're still mourning the loss of that Murcielago being torn apart last week.


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