Lamborghini Huracan Crashes Into The Trash In China

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His driving stinks and now so does his car.

It's never a good day when a Lamborghini crashes. Earlier this year we bore witness to a gold Aventador crashing at an intersection in Poland, and now, we have these dirty images of a Huracan lying in a heap of garbage in China. According to via CarNewsChina, the driver of the baby Lambo (he's the dapper dude in the burgundy jacket) lost control while driving on the streets near Loudi, in Hunan Province.

While attempting to make a turn at the corner of the road, the driver somehow managed to go straight instead – right into a heap of trash and crashing into a brick wall. As we can see in the picture of the deployed air bag, the white Huracan comes with a black and red leather and Alcantara interior. The Lamborghini looks to have suffered some pretty serious front end damage, and we wouldn't be surprised if the suspension, as well as the front end and fenders, need replacing. Given the colossal amounts of cash these cars go for in China – a Huracan comes priced at around 4.3 million yuan, or $620,000 – we can't imagine this will be a cheap fix.

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