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Lamborghini Huracan Driver Partying In Dubai Gets $45,000 In Speeding Tickets

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British guy on vacation in a rented supercar broke the local speed limit 33 times in 3 hours.

There are many activities one can do while on vacation, and one of them is renting a supercar. That's exactly what an English chap did while on a recent vacation to Dubai. Thing is, he took things a little too far or, rather, too fast. According to The Sun, the driver figured it'd be fun to go for an early morning drive in his rented Lamborghini Huracan not long ago. Because it is a vacation and all, he decided to experience the supercar's full potential. Between the hours of 2:30 AM and 6 AM last week, he broke the speed limit on one of the city's busiest roads numerous times.

Every speed camera on Sheikh Zayed Road - a 347-mile long stretch of highway, the longest road in the United Arab Emirates - caught the driver speeding. He managed a top speed of 150 mph, according to local authorities. As part of the agreement with the rental car company, the tourist left his passport as a guarantee for the Huracan. However, the company is now refusing to reclaim the car because it doesn't want to be stuck paying the speeding tickets. Remember, those tickets were issued to the Huracan's registered owner, the rental agency, not the tourist.

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Funnily enough, the tourist has yet to return the car; it's still parked at his hotel. He's free to leave the country, assuming he gets his passport back. But the rental company is concerned he'll simply go to the British embassy, claim his passport was stolen, and be issued a new one. He'd then be able to avoid paying the speeding tickets and, as a result, the agency will be forced to pay instead.