Lamborghini Huracan Driver Wants to Slap Spy Shooter

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Lamborghini prototype driver doesn't appreciate being stalked.

When freelance photographer Jason Thorgalsen spotted a Lamborghini Huracan test mule cruising on a Florida highway, he immediately changed course to follow the supercar and get some shots. That is, after all, how he makes a living. After trailing the new Italian exotic for the best part of an hour, a guy driving an Audi A8 turns up to make things difficult for the spy shooter. Blocking his line of sight to the Huracan, the Audi driver has clearly been called in by the Lambo driver to get the photographer to back off.

Failing that, the pair stopped him from exiting the highway before the Lambo driver exited the vehicle and, in language unbefitting a VW Group employee, told our protagonist to kindly be on his way. At this point it's unclear whether the driver represented Lamborghini, or had some other reason to be test-driving a prototype.

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