Lamborghini Huracan Performante Gets The Grand Tour Treatment

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Gearheads are going to love this week's episode of The Grand Tour.

If you found the Jaguar challenge in last week's episode of The Grand Tour too contrived, then we have good news – this week's episode will be packed with content appealing to gearheads. Richard Hammond will be putting the Lamborghini Huracan Performante through its paces around the Eboladrome track, the track-focused supercar that set a new Nurburgring lap record last year. We're expecting him to shower the hardcore supercar with praise, only to be ridiculed by his co-hosts again for wrecking the Rimac Concept One.

Because TV comedy dictates that he isn't allowed to get behind the wheel of a supercar without being reminded of his accident. Meanwhile, Clarkson will be retelling the story behind one of motorsport's greatest battles between the mighty Audi Quattros and the underdog Lancia 037s in the 1983 World Rally Championship.

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That's right, there will be a film in The Grand Tour that's actually informative. If it's anywhere near as good as May's retelling of the Ford GT defeating Ferrari at Le Mans in the first season, this could be a series highlight. In a more light-hearted film, Hammond and May will be attempting to invent a system for filling cars up with gasoline while on the move. If that sounds familiar, BMW recently pulled off the same refueling stunt while performing the world's longest drift in an M5. As for this week's celebrity guests, Boxer Anthony Joshua and WWE star Bill Goldberg will go head-to-head in the F-Type to find "the world's fastest person who makes a living hitting or strangling other men".

"I really enjoyed my time out on the track, I pushed it as hard as I could and had a few big moments in the gravel. I would love to come back and have another go!" Joshua said about the lap. "I am known for giving 110% in everything I do and breaking a few things along the way which I definitely lived up to on the track, with a few slips into the grass at top speed," Goldberg commented. "As a car guy this is a dream come true and to meet Anthony and go against him was an honor." This sounds like an episode that has a good balance of informative car content and entertainment which should satisfy both gearheads and casual viewers alike.

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