Lamborghini Huracan Reveals Its True Character On Ignition

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Jonny Lieberman tries to explain just how awesome the Huracan Performante is through his incomprehensible giggles.

What's there not to love about the Lamborghini Huracan Performante? We're hard pressed to find a single item to fit on that bulleted list because the German-Italian supercar is damn near perfect. It embodies all of the loud passion and stylistic drama that we've come to expect from Italian cars, but it has the clinically-minded attack mentality of a German car, one that places every tenth of a second over any other priority in life. From the looks of things, it's the antithesis to xenophobia.

Why not merge cultures if the best qualities of each can be identified, distilled, thrown into the mixer, and baked to perfection? The fact that it shattered the Porsche 918 Spider's Nurburgring record by nearly five seconds using its 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10, tuned to push out 631 horsepower, is proof of that.

Not only is the Porsche 918 Spider the more powerful of the two cars, boasting 877 horsepower going to all four wheels, it has Porsche's most clever hybrid system to date that can dole out instant torque to whatever wheel needs it most. With Lamborghini's ALA active aerodynamic system to boast, it's clear that Lamborghini didn't make the Performante an old-school racer. Unlike the lightweight Superleggera models or the ultra-fast Super Veloce, this Huracan's focus is embodied in the Italian word that suffixes its name, "Performante" or "Performance."

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