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Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Taken To The Extreme With 860-HP Widebody

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Comes with more power and aggression than the Performante.

When Novitec introduced its comprehensive aftermarket program for the Huracan Spyder some ten months ago, it promised that a performance upgrade was in the making. True to its word, the German tuning house has just unleashed a limited edition widebody kit for the drop-top baby Lambo as well as a supercharger conversion for the 5.2-liter V10 that ups output to a monstrous 860 horsepower and 708 lb-ft of torque.

The tuner says the engine upgrade is not quite ready yet, but its high-performance exhaust systems are, including a pair of lightweight systems made from Inconel, with optional sound management. As for the N-Largo widebody kit, this makes the two-seater 204 cm wider than the stock Huracan. Fine-tuned in the wind tunnel to optimize aerodynamic efficiency, the new bodywork includes an aggressive front bumper, central front blade, fenders, new trunk lid, rocker panels with integrated brake air scoops, seriously wide rear fenders, a rear bumper with integrated spoiler and optional rear airfoil.

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Novitec sport springs lowers the Huracan by 35 mmm, enhancing both the supercar's stance and direct handling. The Huracan rides on a set of five double-spoke NL2 wheels, staggered 20/21 inches front/rear. Novitec also offers a totally customized cockpit using leather and Alcantara in an array of colors to suit all tastes, however bad.