Lamborghini Huracan Starts at Nearly £181K in the UK

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Pricing for the UK has been leaked ahead of the car's Geneva debut.

The new Huracan is a huge deal for Lamborghini; it's only replacing the best-selling Lambo of all time, the Gallardo. Set to have its live debut at Geneva in March, Lamborghini was hoping to keep the new model's pricing a closely kept secret, but the Super Car Kids managed to get their hands on the official UK pricing list. Although it can't be directly converted to another currency (that's just not how automakers do pricing in other countries), it's still quite clear the Huracan ain't cheap.

UK buyers will be asked to fork over 180,720 pounds for the base Huracan alone. Standard equipment includes Giano wheels, full LED lamps and iPod connectivity. However, checking the option boxes will quickly send that price soaring. For example, an exterior matte paint job will cost an additional 10,500 pounds and a transparent engine cover is 5,256 pounds. Anyone who wants the suspension lifting system and the Magneto-rheological Suspension will be asked to fork over 5,148 pounds. Heck, even painted brake calipers cost 948 pounds. Other countries will also likely be subjected to these insanely expensive extra features, in their own currency of course.

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