Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Will Have Off-Road Rubber

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Sant'Agata is taking its off-road supercar seriously.

Lamborghini has been working on numerous additions to its range as it prepares for an electrified future. The iconic V10 in the middle of the Huracan is being celebrated before the baby Lambo is reinvented as an all-new car, potentially with a V8 engine. After unveiling the Huracan Tecnica earlier this year, the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based automaker is putting the finishing touches on what is expected to be the last new Huracan ever, the off-road-focused Sterrato.

If Lamborghini's first teaser of the car is anything to go by, this machine will be a riot on the sands surrounding Dubai, and now our spy photographers have caught it undergoing what must be close to final testing before its fully unveiled.

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Interestingly, this prototype appears to be wearing the body of the Huracan Evo, which has a different front bumper. This prototype is also not wearing the Sterrato's tacked-on fender flares or its roof rails. However, it does have a ram air scoop behind the roof, which confirms that this is the car we think it is. This should help the Huracan Sterrato breathe better when flying through a rally course if any of its owners ever use it as intended.

Moreover, a closer look at this test mule's tires reveals that the car could be equipped (or at least offered) with multi-terrain tires that will help it excel on loose surfaces. The car is also clearly on raised suspension. Don't worry - the wild arches and the roof rails will surely return for production.

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Under the rear lid, that magical 5.2-liter V10 will power all four wheels with the assistance of a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The engine's performance could well match that of the Huracan Tecnica, which produces the same 631 horsepower as the STO, but who cares how much power this thing has? It's going to look wild, even if Lambo elects not to fit the long light bar we saw on some prototypes. Whatever the car offers, we'll get all the details on it before too long, as Lambo is expected to launch the Sterrato before the end of this year, as well as another Urus variant to join the new arrival that is the Urus Performante.

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We're entering a bold new era for sports cars where some manufacturers are embracing electrification and others are building off-road supercars. Lamborghini has teased one in concept form for quite some time which is now becoming a reality. Meanwhile, Italian rival Ferrari is building the Purosangue, which is more of a lifted sports car than it is a crossover SUV.

Porsche is also entering the fray, and while it hasn't been officially teased or confirmed as is the case with Ferrari and Lamborghini, our spies have caught a 911 Safari/Dakar numerous times undergoing development testing at the Nurburgring and surrounding areas.

This new vehicle segment could be a means of capitalizing on the crossover hype without compromising the core brand ethos. So what's next, an off-road Corvette?


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