Lamborghini Huracan STO Gets A Special Racing Tire

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Developed specifically for this car.

The average supercar is faster than most drivers can enjoy on the road, but automakers keep pushing the boundaries even further with track-focused specials that keep up with racecars. Cars like the 2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO are essentially road-legal racecars with lights, turn signals, and a few other creature comforts. It packs a 5.2-liter V10 engine producing 630 horsepower, going out to the rear wheels only to improve the weight.

Such a high-performance car deserves the best tires available, which is why Lamborghini partnered with Bridgestone to develop specific rubber for the STO. Buyers can opt for a street-focused Bridgestone Potenza Sport tire or a new custom Bridgestone Potenza Race semi-slick tire.

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Bridgestone says its new Potenza tires were custom-developed for the STO to deliver reliable cornering, braking, and handling both on- and off-track, so long as the surface is dry. The tread is lined with the Italian Tricolore, red, white, and green as a special nod to where the Lamborghini and the tires were developed. The tires also wear specific Lamborghini markings on the sidewall.

The Potenza's tread compound, pattern, and sporty tire profile all aid in maximizing dry grip. In addition, the tires should last a long time on the track thanks to a maximized contact area and even pressure distribution. The outstanding design was made possible using Bridgestone's virtual tire modeling and simulation technologies to create a duplicate digital tire. Bridgestone sped up the tire's development using these technologies and burned fewer natural resources during the testing phase. Though it likely didn't help in the tire development, the STO is also a playable car in Rocket League.

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"It's brilliant to collaborate once again with Lamborghini, especially as the sole tire supplier for the incredible Huracan STO," said Steven De Bock, vice president of consumer replacement and original equipment at Bridgestone EMIA. "We already proudly launched our custom Potenza Sport tires for the vehicle, and now we're excited to provide Potenza Race tires specifically for track-goers and high-performance enthusiasts. Both tires maximize the vehicle's impressive capabilities in different ways and I'm proud to speak for a team who are able to provide this level of detail and coverage to Lamborghini customers."

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