Lamborghini Huracan Successor Coming In 2024 With Plug-In Hybrid Power

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The V10 supercar is at the end of its days.

The next two years will be busy for Lamborghini, as the Huracan's replacement will arrive next year. Road & Track attended a preview of the Aventador successor, and Lambo's CEO confirmed the timeline for the aging V10 supercar. "At the end of 2024, a completely new Huracan will come to market," said Stephan Winkelmann.

This is bittersweet news, as it officially means the naturally aspirated V10 supercar is on its deathbed. Audi has already confirmed that the R8 will not return in 2024, while Lamborghini said that the Sterrato would be the final iteration of the Huracan.

The R8 and Huracan are both tied to Audi's assembly facility in Neckarsulm, Germany. While the final assembly of the Huracan takes place in Sant'Agata, the Huracan's platform is built in Germany and shipped to Italy. It's likely that any overflow after the R8's production ends this year will be allocated to completing the final Huracan builds.


Winkelman also told the audience that the Huracan replacement will be a plug-in hybrid, just like its big brother. In fact, Lamborghini has already stated that its entire range will be electrified by 2024. This includes the upcoming Aventador replacement, the Huracan successor, and the upcoming Urus hybrid, also expected to be launched late in 2024.

We know the Aventador successor will be the first out of the gates, as its launch is imminent and Lambo has just announced its tri-motor hybrid V12 will produce 1,001 horsepower. Only then will we get our first proper look at Lamborghini's electrification strategy, which in the case of the latter is a plug-in system targeting performance over electric range.

We'll most likely see technology from Lambo's endurance racing efforts, which ties in neatly with the most likely engine option for the Huracan successor.


Lamborghini is currently working on a bespoke twin-turbocharged V8 engine for its endurance racing program. What better way to develop, build and test a new engine than using the crucible of motorsport? This will not be an adaptation of Audi's famous 4.0-liter V8 used in the Urus, and is expected to be an all-new twin-turbo architecture that revs to 10,000 rpm.

We can also expect a new gearbox, as in the aforementioned announcement of the new plug-in V12 powertrain, Lamborghini said the new eight-speed DCT developed for that car will be used in another forthcoming super sports car - i.e. the Huracan's successor.

While we'd like to see the V10 live on with some electricity added, this seems unlikely as both Audi facilities involved in Huracan production (Neckarsulm and Gyor) are being updated to build EVs.

2021-2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO Rear View CarBuzz
2021-2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO Front View CarBuzz

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2021-2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO Front View
2021-2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO Rear View

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