Lamborghini Huracan Successor Will Be A Plug-In Hybrid


Yes, it's really happening. Here's why.

Unlike Ferrari and McLaren, Lamborghini has bravely stuck to naturally aspirated V10s and V12s. That’s all about to change with the upcoming Urus SUV and its twin-turbo V8 and, eventually, a plug-in hybrid version. But according to Autocar, the Urus isn’t the only future Lamborghini that’ll go the plug-in hybrid route. Speaking to Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, it’s been confirmed the next-generation Huracan (which will very likely undergo a name change) “will need hybridization. Hybridization is the answer, not (full) electric.”

The Huracan successor isn’t due to arrive until 2022, giving Lamborghini engineers plenty of time to get the hybrid plug-in tech exactly where they need it to be. Whether that tech will be paired to a twin-turbo V8 or V10 remains uncertain at this point. Fortunately, Lamborghini, as we’ve previously reported, has no intention of ditching the NA V12. In fact, the Aventador’s successor, which will arrive before the Huracan’s, will keep the NA V12. Domenicali added that “There is still a lot of potential for the V12. The right approach for us is to have the V10 and V12 to suit our customers and then be ready to switch (to a hybrid) at the right moment.”

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That right moment will seemingly be in 2022, and if we had to make an educated guess now, it’ll be the V10 with plug-in hybrid tech. Sure, Lamborghini could simply take the Urus’ plug-in hybrid V8 setup and adapt it to a mid-engined supercar, but wouldn’t that be selling customers short? Yes. In order to convince them and the world Lamborghini is still, in a good way, completely nuts, merging a V10 to advanced plug-in hybrid tech would be the way to go. More power and greater fuel efficiency. It’s a win-win.