Lamborghini Huracan Successor To Have Plug-In Hybrid Setup From 2023

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The baby bull will take the fight to Ferrari's 296 GTB.

As Lamborghini prepares to introduce its first-ever EV by the end of the decade, the supercar brand has been readying the rest of its lineup to adopt hybrid power. We've known for some time that the Aventador successor's V12 will utilize this setup, but little information is available about the Huracan. But in an interview with the UK's Auto Express, the company's Chief Technical Officer Rouven Mohr has confirmed a plug-in hybrid replacement will arrive as soon as next year.

"Regarding the drivetrain, it will be [a] plug-in hybrid, and from the performance point of view it will again be a big step," he said. This may lead many to speculate that the Huracan may borrow an engine from the VW Group's vast stable but, for Lamborghini, that's unthinkable. "The engine will be bespoke for Lamborghini. On the final details, we can't yet communicate this, but I would say more than six and less than 12 cylinders for the combustion engine."

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Hopefully, the V10 engine remains, as the V8 engine found in the Urus (which will also receive the hybrid treatment) is shared with several Audi and Bentley models. The idea of an eight-cylinder Huracan shouldn't be discounted, though. It's very possible that the Raging Bull may construct a bespoke powerplant by using various components from the VW parts bin.

However, there's a third possibility. The company could be working on a Lamborghini-exclusive engine with bespoke electric motors to rival the rapid Ferrari 296 GTB. The electrified Prancing Horse calls on a twin-turbocharged V6 and an electric motor to produce a combined 819 horsepower. The SF90 also employs a hybrid setup and has recently been the subject of Lamborghini testing - perhaps the Raging Bull is looking for inspiration?

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If Lamborghini is looking to compete with its Italian rival, the Huracan PHEV should arrive with more than 850 horsepower. Whatever the company opts for, we can expect the newcomer to be a hugely exciting prospect. We hope the V10 remains, though. It emits a raw, visceral noise that's unmatched on the market currently. Speaking of exciting exhaust notes, future electric Lamborghinis will still have a distinctive sound, notes Mohr.

"In the electric world, the sound will have a little bit of a different ranking, but these are always like today the pillars. Even if you would not hear the engine sound today, you would recognize how the cars behave today as a Lamborghini." At least we can look forward to beautifully styled cars. Head designer Mitja Borkert has promised future models will "always look like spaceships." In the coming years, people may not hear your Lambo coming - but at least they'll see it.

Source Credits: Auto Express

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