Lamborghini-Inspired Ducati Superbike Sells Out Instantly

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There are clearly many wealthy lovers of crotch rockets.

A few days ago, Ducati and Lamborghini revealed their latest collaborative project based on the existing Panigale V4 S. Called the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini, the superbike's styling and construction are directly inspired by that of the spectacular Lamborghini Huracan STO supercar. And with a rumored price north of $60,000, it's similarly pricey too. We know there are many well-heeled buyers who are always eager to throw money at limited-edition supercars, but it appears that there are plenty of wealthy individuals who are more than happy to throw money at two-wheeled missiles, too - every single unit has already been sold.

Ducati Ducati

Ducati's VP of global sales, Francesco Milicia, expressed his joy at the news: "Right from the first sketch we thought this bike could become a collector's item and the reaction of the public present at Misano when Pecco unveiled it gave us the certainty. Deliveries will start in April 2023, and we are really happy for the Ducatisti who have booked this beauty."

Interestingly, Ducati's last collaboration with Lamborghini (which drew inspiration from the Sian) also sold out quickly, but in that case, it took a couple of weeks for all allocations to be filled. For the STO-inspired superbike, Ducati says it took mere hours.

Ducati Ducati Ducati

Clearly, people are willing to spend big on exclusive items. Just 630 units of the superbike will be produced in the Huracan STO's launch color scheme. This sees a Verde Citrea base highlighted with Arancio Dac accents. But if you actually own an STO, another 63 special units were allocated. These were presented as part of the Speciale Clienti series, and they offer their buyers the opportunity to work with the Centro Stile Ducati to customize their bikes to match the exact specification of their unique STO. That means we should see some vivid combinations. By the way, the reason the number 63 appears so often is to reference the year of Lamborghini's founding.

Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati

We assume that the Huracan-based superbike sold out quicker than the Sian-based crotch rocket because there are far more individuals who own STOs than Sians, but another factor is probably the post-pandemic economic rise that has seen those with extra cash more willing to splurge than ever before. 2021 was Lamborghini's best year ever, and sales don't appear to be slowing in 2022. In the US market, more people are buying luxury cars than ever before, and they're spending more on these cars too.

All of this provides companies like Ducati and Lamborghini impetus to produce more special editions, and you can be sure they're coming, as Milicia concludes in his statement: "We are also aware that on this occasion some enthusiasts were not able to book the bike and fulfill their wish, but Ducati is focused [on proposing] more and more projects of this kind in the future and we are certain that everyone will have the chance to make their dream come true."

Ducati Ducati Ducati

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