Lamborghini Introduces Murcielago Roadster LP 650-4

Lamborghini is still releasing special editions of its outgoing Murcielago. You've got to hand it to them as they sure know how to squeeze every last dollar out of this 10-year-old supercar. Not to say it's completely outdated, but 10 years is a long time, especially with today's rapidly evolving technologies. As the name suggests, the LP 650-4 has full-time all-wheel drive, which helps this heavy roadster achieve its zero to 60 mph time in 3.4 seconds.

Every 2010 model year Murcielago LP 650-4 gets identical exterior paint and trim - a flat gray exterior with orange and carbon accents. Production is limited to a total of 60 units and there's no doubt each one will be sold very quickly. If this is to be the final Murcielago, then we should all tip our hats off to Lamborghini for giving the world such an amazing machine. Here's to the next raging bull.

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