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Lamborghini Is Celebrating The 50th Birthday Of The Miura With A Very Special Aventador

Meet the Aventador Miura Homage.

The Lamborghini Miura turned 50 in 2016, and to celebrate the Italian automaker has rolled out a special edition designed to pay tribute to the iconic car. The Aventador Miura Homage is exactly what its name—and paint scheme—suggests. Fans of the legendary car will be happy to know that the Homage is being offered in six colors pulled from the original Miura catalog. The gold Dione wheels (also available in silver), 20-inches up front and 21-inches in back, also help drive the tribute home.

Just in case you still don’t get which car this Aventador is paying tribute to Lamborghini has added Miura badging to both the interior and exterior. Said interior comes with the carbon fiber package as standard. The Aventador’s V12 has been left untouched meaning this is a special edition in looks only. That’s not so bad, though, as 691 horsepower is more than the Miura could have ever imagined possessing. Only 50 units will be made and according to Lamborghini the majority of them are already spoken for. The car itself was debuted at Goodwood Festival of Speed and is on display there. We’re on the ground at Goodwood and should be able to bring you live shots of the Aventador Miura Homage soon.

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