Lamborghini LMP-F Concept Released

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The LMP-F is a cool and unique racecar concept.

The Lamborghini LMP-F concept car is what an F1 racer should be. Quick and aggressive, the racer was developed by Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld by taking into consideration elements from the top-class racing series and Lamborghini's distinctive structure. The concept features some distinct features that give it a split personality. The rear wheels are covered similar to a Le Mans racer, while the front wheels have an F1 look and features lateral air intakes.

Targeted performance numbers for the fictitious F1 flyer give the Lamborghini some serious speed, low weight and a powerful engine with a blistering top speed. The LMP-F weighs in at a reasonable 1,543lbs, produces 1,200hp, hits 0-60mph in only 1.8 seconds and can pull off a top speed of 263mph due in part to its low profile and engineering emphasizing downforce and an aerodynamic build. Leerentveld's design is just the beginning of what could one day inspire a new force in international motorsports competition.

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