Lamborghini May Build a Veneno Roadster After All

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Perhaps the most insane Lamborghini ever, the Veneno may soon be offered as a roadster. A grand total of 9 will be made.

Just a few days ago, the thought of a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was nothing more than an artist's renderings. They looked great, but at the time the likelihood that such a supercar would ever see the light of day appeared to be slim. But never say never. A new report coming from Cars UK is now indicating that Lamborghini is very much looking to cash in once again on the Veneno by offering it in roadster form to a very few selected buyers.

Considering that each of the three Venenos sold for more than $4 million a pop, the idea of taking its top off and selling it for even more is too tempting a proposition to pass up. Sources are claiming that a grand total of just nine cars are being planned this time around. Some well-connected and loyal Lamborghini owners have already been contacted by the automaker asking if they'd be interested in being the proud new owner of a Veneno Roadster. For now, Lamborghini isn't saying whether the car is going to happen or not, but we're willing to bet it's a done deal. The final price tag will be just completely bonkers expensive.

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