Lamborghini Misspells its Own Name on the Egoista

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Now this is awkward.

When it comes to branding, you'd think the first rule is for a company to spell its name correctly. That's usually a very important thing. No explanation is needed as to why. Embarrassingly, somebody over at Lamborghini has a little problem in the spelling department. The completely bonkers one-off Lamborghini Egoista was recently on display at the Schloss Bensberg Concours in Germany, and there were a few photographers on the scene who managed to snap the car from several angles.

Then they and other show goers noticed something: Lamborghini was misspelled as "Lamborginih" at the rear end. Word quickly spread and someone from the automaker soon swapped out the faulty badge for a correctly spelled one. There didn't appear to be any misspellings when the Egoista first premiered last May, so the mishap must have occurred sometime later.

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