Lamborghini Miura Burns in London

A classic Lamborghini Miura meets its maker as it goes up in flames in central London.

This will undoubtedly be the worst thing you’ve seen this weekend, perhaps in years. A Lamborghini Miura has reportedly caught on fire in central London and is unquestionably completely toast. This is about as worse as it gets, folks. There's no exact reason yet as to why the Miura went up in a cloud of black smoke and holy flames but a source claiming to work at a shop that restores classic Miuras thinks the cause of the inferno was due to old electrical wiring that wasn’t replaced.

The car is rumored to be owned by the son of an extremely wealthy London-based real estate agent but nothing has been confirmed just yet. The video taken at the scene shows all we need to know and it’s very, very hard to watch.

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