Lamborghini Miura SV And Countach LP 400 Sell For Big Money At Auction

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The Italian marque had an impressive showing in Paris.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes mainstream brands like Toyota actually decrease the prices of their vehicles in an effort to appeal to more cash-strapped customers. In other instances, there are often some fantastic lease deals for customers who are interested in this alternative. Over at Lamborghini, things are quite different. You see, buyers of exotics tend to be more impressed with exorbitant prices than low ones, which is why Lamborghini has just made it known that two of its models have sold for record prices at RM Sotheby's Paris auction.

RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys

The models in question were a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV chassis #4840 as well as a 1977 Countach LP 400 "Periscopio" chassis #1120262. We don't have to tell how you how iconic the mid-engined Miura is, becoming the blueprint for Lambos over several decades to come. In SV guise, it was even quicker. This 1971 model was beautifully restored and fetched the stunning sum of 2.4 million euros (exactly €2,423,750) which works out to about $2,944,565. Finished in gorgeous red, it's almost worth that price alone just based on how it looks. That price makes it the second most expensive Miura SV to be sold, falling short of another one sold last year in London.

RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys

The second Lambo to find a new home, the Countach LP 400, is finished in red too and was also restored to its former glory. This particular example was once owned by singer Rod Stewart and only 157 examples were ever made. It's got a tan interior that has been lovingly brought back to life. It sold for €775,000, or about $941,532 at current rates. Paolo Gabrielli, Head of Aftersales at Automobili Lamborghini, wasn't surprised by these numbers. "It confirms a clear trend," he said. "Historical Lamborghinis are of increasing interest to the world's leading collectors, who are looking for the utmost respect for originality in their cars."

RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys

This indicates that we can expect these records to continue tumbling in the years ahead as exotics become increasingly sought-after. Lamborghini reported that other vintage models also returned great results, including a blue 1968 Espada that went for €173,000 ($210,137), a 1967 400 GT 2+2 that sold for €477,500 ($580,000), and one of the fresher Lamborghinis, a black Murcielago LP 640-4 Versace E-Gear that was sold for €149,500 ($181,593). We'll take one of each, please.

RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys RM Sothebys

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