Lamborghini Murcielago Gets a Tuning, then Crashes into Five Cars

Lamborghini owners are on a bad run of late.

Can Lamborghini owners paint any worse a picture for themselves? Last week saw a Gallardo driver crash in Chicago after taking off from a red light a bit too fast and a Gallardo Spyder driver kissing a curb in Poland in a failed drift attempt. Earlier this week we saw a Murcielago Roadster owner drive his supercar into the center divider on the Long Island Expressway and now we have a story from Russia that is as heartbreaking as these last few. A Murcielago owner decided to give his Italian supercar a tuning job in the form of a custom Reventon-style front-end.

Well, questionable taste rhymes with haste and in his, he accelerated too fast and crashed into three parked cars. After the impact a Lexus apparently hit a BMW. The accident occurred just outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. Thankfully no-one was injured during the crash, however a car did slam into a building. Let's hope the driver had some good... no, great insurance.

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