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Lamborghini Museum Is Your Summer Vacation Dream Spot

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Check out even more photos of its new exhibits.

The official Lamborghini museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese is an impressive place. Chances are you'll like it. In case you're still debating whether to take the trip to Italy or not, Lamborghini has just announced some new and updated museum upgrades that might just win you over.

We've already told you about the new Museum of Technology, or MUDETEC. This is a new interactive space that, according to Lamborghini, "reveals the company's secrets and its world of innovations and tales of excellence that not only revolutionized the company itself, but the entire panorama of the automotive industry." Bold words. And now Lamborghini has released even more amazing photos of its new exhibits just in time for summer (hint hint: go to Italy).

In short, it's a technology tour of automotive masterpieces, among them the Miura, Countach, LM002, and Sesto Elemento. It also features more present days creations like the Centenario and Aventador SVJ. Even the hybrid Asterion GT concept that never made production is displayed. Some of the technologies visitors will learn more about include the application of carbon fiber and the active aerodynamics systems applied on the Huracan and Aventador. There are also two "educational workshops" where topics like vehicle set-up and ergonomics and carbon fiber construction techniques are discussed.

A new exhibit called "Future Shapers since 1963" has also opened celebrating Lamborghini's "pioneering spirit… with regard to innovation and design."

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Starting with the 350 GT, visitors will see the Miura, Espada, a couple of Diablo GTs, and the legendary Sesto Elemento track-only supercar in the flesh. There's also an Ad Personam space specifically for visitors to see what it's like to buy and custom-build a new Lamborghini (Ferrari has a similar concept at its own museum nearby). Lastly, a new "brain room" creates a 360-degree full-immersion experience in a new simulator that shows the Lamborghini production line.

This new exhibit does not appear to be a permanent part of the museum as Lamborghini tells us it'll be open only until the end of October.