Lamborghini Not Interested In Making The Perfect Car

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For Lamborghini, beauty is in imperfections.

As Lamborghini charges towards an electric and hybridized future for its cars, a few people will shape what that looks like. Rouven Mohr, CTO, is one of them. We've spoken with Mohr before, just ahead of the launch of the Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica. This time around, Mohr is speaking on the future of the brand once again.

Specifically, Mohr is talking about the challenges of electrification for a brand so dependent on combustion engines. All brands are, of course, defined by their engines to some extent. But Lambo is especially so.

"The first thing I want to say is that there are opportunities, too. A performance hybrid, rather than one focused on range, can provide a perfect combination between engine and battery, bridging the torque gaps of a combustion engine. For customers, hybrid should mean added value: an even faster, more fun car," Mohr told Autocar.

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"The challenges are selecting the battery size so we offer enough performance but don't add too much weight. We also want a car that delivers consistent performance, not one that's brilliant for a few laps of a track and then not so good when the battery is flat. Energy recuperation is going to be key, and with that, brake feel," he continued.

Mohr was quick to point out that Lamborghini isn't simply setting off into the dark unaided. The warm umbrella of the Volkswagen Group is here to help. Mohr says that the Group means that Lambo can "go into hybridization without having to go through a lot of the processes of trial and error again."

Despite that, the hybrid system sounds to be entirely unique to Lamborghini. For reference, we're betting the one he's talking about will call the upcoming Aventador replacement home.

He was also quick to assuage concerns that the car would be too robotic. Sensations are a very important part of how customers experience a Lamborghini, and Mohrs clearly knows that. "We don't want to make cars without character, so we don't actually want to build the perfect car...This isn't the PlayStation."

Mohrs also offered to further elaborate on the horsepower wars and what it means for the next generation of Lambos: Every EV can accelerate fast. You don't take your car out on a Sunday for a drive to go from 0-100kph [0-62mph] in 1.9sec again and again. Maybe once or twice, but after that it's boring."

Finally, he offered some insight on the brand's 2028 EV. "At the moment, nothing is decided; we're still discussing the direction to take, because we're in the pre-development phase. There's a lot to decide. What we do know is that it will be more oriented to day-to-day use than our sports cars. The rest is still to come."

Source Credits: Autocar

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